HVAC Installation

At Heinold, we know comfort for your family is always top priority. So we’re here to provide our expertise, and help you choose the ideal heating and cooling system for your home. We’ll consider the size of your home, your budget, and any other concern you have to ensure the right decision is made.

Today, given ever-rising costs, energy efficiency is an absolute necessity. Our range of Carrier products are among the highest in efficiency on the market. This results in consistently lower energy bills for your home – and a higher degree of comfort.

Carrier systems are renowned for their superior level of quality, for both indoor and outdoor units. They are quiet, compact in design, and are built tough for a long life with trouble-free operation. You’ll be afforded a large selection of options based on efficiency, thermostat features, comfort, sound and warranties.

From years of experience in this industry, Heinold’s knowledge and talent keep us ahead of the curve. We consistently embrace new technology, and always bring the latest options to all of our customers. Some of these advancements include:

Infinity control systems – Program your heating and cooling based on the time of day or night, set up eight areas of your home at different temperatures, even access your system from your smartphone.

Geo-thermal technology – Use the earth’s heat instead of outside air to provide heating and cooling. Carrier’s GT-PX system has the highest efficiency in the industry and is Energy Star Compliant. You’ll be saving money, as well as reducing air pollution.

Two-stage heating and cooling systems – Achieve consistent comfort by eliminating temperature swings within the home. The systems operate on a low speed 80% of the time and remove significantly more moisture from the air, reducing the potential for mold and other pollutant problems.

In-Floor Radiant Heat – Installed beneath a home’s flooring, this system radiates heat upward and outward, spreading warmth evenly across the entire room while warming your feet and body first. This quiet and “invisible” heating option can be installed under almost any type of flooring.

By delivering enhanced comfort and energy savings through innovative technology, Heinold will always deliver peace of mind.


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